Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Orthogonally Additive Mappings between Banach Algebras    M.Sc.    M R Frhmnd    1399/11/28
2    Derivations and the bidual of a Banach algebra associated with a bounded bilinear map    M.Sc.    MOHADESEH ASADOLLAHZADEH    1399/11/21
3    Extensions of Cohen Factorization Theorem in Banach Algebras    M.Sc.    Mina Hadi    1399/11/21
4    Weak Amenability of the Generalized Matrix Banach Algebras    Ph.D    hossein lakzian    1399/06/25
5    The second dual of amalgamated Banach algebras    M.Sc.    seyedeh esmat hooshyar hosseini    1398/06/27
6    The second dual of ternary Banach algebras    Ph.D    aminallah khosravi    1398/06/02
7    Maps preserving zero Jordan and zero Lie products on Banach algebras    M.Sc.    fatemeh alavi    1398/04/31
8    The Second Dual of Ordered Riesz Algebras    M.Sc.    mahsa ramezani    1397/11/02
9    Lie Derivation on Generalized Matrix Algebra    M.Sc.    Maryam Boluki    1397/06/26
10    Homogeneous Polynomials Orthogonally Additive on Banach Algebras    M.Sc.    seyyedeh fatemeh mousavian    1397/06/25
11    Function spaces on locally compact quantum groups and the second dual    Ph.D    ramin faal    1397/03/22
12    Maps preserving zero product on module extension and matrix algebras    Ph.D    mohammad ali bahmani    1396/11/09
13    The study of some aspects of abstract harmonic analysis on locally compact quantum groups    Ph.D    Fatemeh Khosravi    1396/06/29
14    Study of derivations into various duals of certain Banach algebras    M.Sc.    zohreh fahimi ali abadi    1396/06/22
15    Jordan Weak Amenability of Banach Algebras    M.Sc.    sahar kalantari    1395/11/30
16    Bi-derivations on Banach algebras    M.Sc.    farzaneh haji hoseini    1395/05/20
17    Triple derivations on Jordan triple systems    M.Sc.    mansooreh alizadeh    1394/11/21
18    Lie derivations on module extension Banach algebras    Ph.D    Amir Hosein Mokhtari    1394/10/24
19    Jordan and Lie higher derivations on module extension and triangular algebras    Ph.D    Fahimeh Moafian    1394/05/26
20    Arens regularity, biprojectivity and biflatness of some Banach algebras    M.Sc.    neda ahmadnia    1393/10/13
21    Arens extensions of bilinear mappings on ordered algebras    M.Sc.    marzieh zekavattalab    1393/07/15
22    The second adjoint of a bi-derivathion on Banach algebras    Ph.D    azam erfanian attar    1393/06/29
23    The second dual of ordered Banach algebras    M.Sc.    mehdi nazarianpoor    1392/05/26
24    The second dual of tensor products and operator algebras    M.Sc.    Ramin Faal Gandomkar    1392/05/26
25    Extensions of multilinear forms to the bidual of Banach spaces    M.Sc.    bahareh ghotb hoseini    1391/07/26
26    Extensions of Derivations and n-weak amenability of the bidual of a Banach algebra    M.Sc.    omolbanin shafipurkeshteli    1391/05/25
27    The Standard Representation of Lie Derivation on Operator Algebras    M.Sc.    azam dalir    1391/04/27
28    Jordan derivations and antiderivations on triangular matrices    M.Sc.    habib shakori    1390/12/23
29    Character inner amenability of Banach algebras    Ph.D    ali reza khodami    1390/12/11
30    Lie derivation and Jordan derivations on certain algebras    M.Sc.    maryam mohseni por    1390/09/08
31    Arens regularity of bounded bilinear mappings and the extensions of derivations to the bidual of a Banach algebra    M.Sc.    shokoohe mehdipour    1389/06/25