Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Arens regularity of bounded bilinear mappings and the extensions of derivations to the bidual of a Banach algebra    M.Sc.    mehdipour, shokoohe    
2    Hyponormal Type Operator and Aluthge Transformations    Ph.D    nabavi, sadegh    0000-00-00
3    quadratic functional equation in Menger probabilistic normed spaces            0000-00-00
4    On the Topological Centre of            0000-00-00
5    The adjoint of bounded 3-linear mappings on Banach spaces            0000-00-00
6    n-weak amenability of certain direct sums            0000-00-00
7    Jordan derivations on some Banach algebras            0000-00-00
8    The study of generalized derivations on module extension algebras            0000-00-00
9    Biprojectivity and biflatness of cerain sums of Banach algebras            0000-00-00
10    The second dual of measure algebras on weighted semigroup            0000-00-00
11    Jordan higher derivations on trivial extension algebras            0000-00-00
12    Weighted measure algebra as a WAP-algebra            0000-00-00
13    Ternary Weak Amenability of the Bidual of JB-Triple Systems            0000-00-00
14    Character inner amenability of Banach algebras    Ph.D    khodami, ali reza    2010-05-05
15    Gabor analysis, Time-frequency analysis and wavelet analysis on non-abelian groups and homogenuous spaces    Ph.D    Ghaani Farashahi, Arash    2010-06-21
16    Some classes of operator functions    Ph.D    Kian, Mohsen    2010-12-01
17    The second adjoint of a bi-derivathion on Banach algebras    Ph.D    erfanian attar, azam    2011-02-06
18    The Standard Representation of Lie Derivation on Operator Algebras    M.Sc.    dalir, azam    2011-04-04
19    Lie derivation and Jordan derivations on certain algebras    M.Sc.    mohseni por, maryam    2011-04-19
20    Operators Achieving Norm    M.Sc.    kafimoghadam, mostafa    2011-05-12
21    Jordan derivations and antiderivations on triangular matrices    M.Sc.    shakori, habib    2011-06-21
22    τ-CENTRALIZERS AND GENERALIZED DERIVATIONS    M.Sc.    Montazeri, Arash    2011-11-27
23    Extensions of Derivations and n-weak amenability of the bidual of a Banach algebra    M.Sc.    shafipurkeshteli, omolbanin    2012-01-21
24    Extensions of multilinear forms to the bidual of Banach spaces    M.Sc.    ghotb hoseini, bahareh    2012-01-21
25    Lie derivations and higher Jordan derivations on triangular Banach algebras    M.Sc.    Bakavali, Behnam    2012-03-01
26    variance and covariance in operator algebras    M.Sc.    jafaree, Ali    2012-03-17
27    Maps preserving operator pairs whose products are projections    M.Sc.    amiri sam, maryam    2012-04-28
28    Lie derivations on module extension Banach algebras    Ph.D    Mokhtari, Amir Hosein    2012-05-19
29    Jordan and Lie higher derivations on module extension and triangular algebras    Ph.D    Moafian, Fahimeh    2012-11-27
30    approximated amenability ofcenters of banach algebra    M.Sc.    ghalenoy, tahmineh    2013-04-21
31    Linear maps preserving minimum modulus and reduced minimum modulus    M.Sc.    haj mohammadi, monireh    2013-04-21
32    The second dual of tensor products and operator algebras    M.Sc.    Faal Gandomkar, Ramin    2013-05-19
33    The second dual of ordered Banach algebras    M.Sc.    nazarianpoor, mehdi    2013-05-19
34    Volterra spaces    M.Sc.    talebi, ali    2013-05-19
35    topics in non archimedean spaces    M.Sc.    sodeyfi, niloofar    2013-05-19
36    Inequalities for Numerical Radius    Ph.D    sattari, mostafa    2013-10-20
37    Arens regularity, biprojectivity and biflatness of some Banach algebras    M.Sc.    ahmadnia, neda    2013-11-05
38    Arens extensions of bilinear mappings on ordered algebras    M.Sc.    zekavattalab, marzieh    2013-11-05
39    The study of some aspects of abstract harmonic analysis on locally compact quantum groups    Ph.D    Khosravi, Fatemeh    2013-12-16
40    Maps preserving zero product on module extension and matrix algebras    Ph.D    bahmani, mohammad ali    2013-12-25
41    On Subspace Hypercyclic Operators on Banach Spaces    M.Sc.    kamyab nezhad ermalayi, fateme    2014-02-23
42    On the wavelet and shearlet on the homogeneous space in arbitrary space dimensions    Ph.D    zare, masoumeh    2014-03-02
43    A study on locally compact wavelet group and shearlet group with its applications    Ph.D    Amirihafshejani, Zahra    2014-03-02
44    Bounded right linear operators on quaternionic Hilbert spaces    M.Sc.    sepahi, ensiyeh    2014-03-09
45    Biflatness and Biprojectivity of Generalized Matrix Algebras    Ph.D    naseri zadeh, asefeh    2014-04-13
46    Weak Amenability of Generalized Matrix Banach Algebras    Ph.D    lakzian, hossein    2014-04-20
47    An Extension of the Gleason-Kahane-Zelazko Theorem    M.Sc.    amadeh, zeynab    2014-04-20
48    The Second Dual of Ternary Banach Algebras    Ph.D    khosravi, aminallah    2014-06-02
49    A New Approach to Time-Frequency Analysis    Ph.D    Mohammadpour, Mozhgan    2014-06-09
50    Review and assess the performance of students in the seventh grade geometry topics and arguments based on concept map    M.Sc.    ADABI, ALI    2014-06-16
51    Mappings preserving different multiplications    Ph.D    ghorbani poor, somaye    2014-09-20
52    Bi-derivations on Banach algebras    M.Sc.    haji hoseini, farzaneh    2014-12-07
53    Triple derivations on Jordan triple systems    M.Sc.    alizadeh, mansooreh    2014-12-07
54    Triangle Inequality in Hilbert C*-modules    M.Sc.    bazmi farooji, elham    2015-01-25
55    special functions in uniform spaces    Ph.D    hosseini, boshra    2015-02-18
56    Generalised invertible elements in Banach algebra and c*-algebras    M.Sc.    Jafari, Roghaieh    2015-02-28
57    CLOSED RANGE POSITIVE OPERATORS ON BANACH SPACES    M.Sc.    amini, fateme    2015-05-17
58    Function Algebras on Quantum Groups    Ph.D    faal, ramin    2015-05-17
59    constraction p-frames on Lp(G)    Ph.D    roohi, fatemeh    2015-09-22
60    Jordan Weak Amenability of Banach Algebras    M.Sc.    kalantari, sahar    2015-11-06
61    Study of derivations into various duals of certain Banach algebras    M.Sc.    fahimi ali abadi, zohreh    2015-11-09
62    Preserving mappings and different algebraic structures    Ph.D    SAFARIZADEH, MOZHDEH    2016-01-26
63    The generalized topological spaces    Ph.D    delfan, ahmad    2016-01-27
64    SAMPLING EXPANSIONS IN REPRODUCING KERNEL BANACH SPACES    M.Sc.    matboue, ehsan    2016-04-10
65    Some topics on metric and topological spaces    Ph.D    hasanifar, Zahra    2016-07-13
66    Lie Derivations on Generalized Matrix Algebras    M.Sc.    Boluki, Maryam    2017-12-27
67    The Second Dual of Riesz Algebras    M.Sc.    ramezani, mahsa    2018-01-14
68    Maps preserving reduced minimum modulus    M.Sc.    Bijestani Moghaddam, Narges    2018-04-15
69    Orthogonally Additive Homogeneous Polynomials on Banach Algebras    M.Sc.    mousavian, seyyedeh fatemeh    2018-05-20